Sunday, June 14, 2009

WLC:Week 6

Congratulations to Faradilla for winning this week's challenge!She wins it all!!!

  • Lost 0.1 kg
  • Reduced 11cm off her body shape!Good going Fara.

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WLC:Week 8

We had our special guest speaker for this week. Angel is my wellness coach from Hong Kong. She was invited to our weight loss challenge to recognise this week's winners and to share her experience with all the participants.

This week, it's Siti Hayu's turn to win the challenge....and guest what? She won both categories!!! Good going Ayu!

  • She lost 0.9kg of her weight

  • Lost 1.3% of her fat

  • Increased 1.8% water

  • Became a year younger! (Metabolic age: From 35 to 34 years)

  • Lost an amazing amount of 17cm off her body shape....way to go!

A huge round of appluase to Rohani!!!She lost the most kgs within 4 weeks. Angel awarded her with her own special gift...Herbalife Skin Booster!Wow!Thanks Angel and congratulations to Rohani. I'm really proud of you!Keep it up!

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WLC:Week 7

Congratulations to the winners for this week.

Faradilla lost 11cm...totally shaped up!

Rohani has been consistently losing kgs every week. Congratulations for winning again this week!

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